Why hello there, random stranger!

My name’s Thomas Vaccaro, also known as the Unicorn of War. I consider myself to be a nerd and geek extraordinaire. My skills include fangirling, complaining, ranting, and making bulls*** sound profound through my extensively unnecessary vocabulary.

This blog is all about reviews, editorials, and all the like. If you’re about that life, welcome. If not, you’re also welcome. Everyone is welcome. Except people who make fun of nerds. You got no clue what you’re missin’ out on, buddy.

I love writing and drawing, and I’m currently learning how to sing and voice act. I live in New York, and yes, we all are incredibly rude and self-absorbed. But hey, at least it ain’t Joysey. That, and our pizza is perfect.

I’m a huge fan of Sailor MoonRWBY, and the Tales Of JRPG series to name a few of my interests. I love animation and eventually want to learn how to animate (but alas, Toon Boom costs more than my life).

I’m also gay, introverted, and highly awkward and weird, so expect some random posts here and there speculating the meaning of life and all that sophisticated crap. You’ve been warned. * scary ghost noises *

So, that’s about it. Check out my stuff and, if you like it, stick around. Also check me out on FacebookTumblrTwitter, and YouTube for further proof of my idiocy, and – if you’re interested – check out my more personal blog (Ramblings of a Caffeine-Addicted Writer.) for a more… well, personal look at my life experience, opinions, etc.