Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Dub Coming Out This Holiday Season

So if you’ve read some of my articles on Sailor Moon, you’ll know I wasn’t the biggest fan of Sailor Moon Crystal’s first two seasons til the Viz English dub (Bless you, Deb Crane, for fixing so many of the series’ problems.). But thankfully, Sailor Moon Crystal season three was a huge improvement in terms of both writing and animation, and I’ve been waiting so long for both a fourth season based on the Dream arc and a dub of the third season.

So with Toei producing two films based on the Dream arc, we’ll luckily have the Viz dub for Crystal season three to help tide us over. Viz released a clip today from the first dubbed episode of season three.

As usual, the cast is consistent and sounds great so far. Erica Mendez sounds fantastic as Haruka / Sailor Uranus, Lauren Landa sounds great as Michiru / Sailor Neptune, and I’m looking forward to seeing my favorite season of Sailor Moon – that’s the entire franchise overall, not just referring to Crystal – dubbed with a lovely cast of talented voice actors.

There’s no official date for the release, but we do know it’s set for release this holiday season. It’s not that far off, but if you feel it is, I recommend binging on Voltron: Legendary Defender and RWBY Volume 5, since both are set for release in the time between now and Sailor Moon Crystal season 3’s dub coming out.

In other news, it’s an urban fantasy new adult book entitled De Cineribus. I’m now in the second draft phase of it, but if you’re interested, then I’ve got a page set up to give you a rundown of the synopsis as well as a look into the world and the characters, and I’ve posted the rough first chapter here on my blog. All for you. Aren’t I considerate?

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Til next time, happy nerding!


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