Slayers Revolution | Episode 2 Review | Because! You’re Lina Inverse, That’s Why!

Yes, yes, it’s been forever since my review of the first episode. But dammit, we’re doing this now.

So like we left off last time, unnamed Ruvinagald city was destroyed not by Lina’s Dragon Slave, but that of a mysterious furry little creature who stole the spotlight.

Lina Angry
Lina, I suggest you take your anger and use it to move out of the way of the giant orb of destruction and devastation.

We start off in the remains of… I think it’s the cafe we were enjoying our lunch in last episode. Lina’s demanding answers from Amelia, and what Amelia reveals is… kinda a long-time coming.

The kingdoms of the Slayers world have pretty much decided that if there was a single person – aside from the Monster race – who could cause a devastating incident on a national scale, it would be none other than the infamous self-proclaimed sorcery genius Lina Inverse.

Amelia is the Princess of Seirune, a kingdom devoted to justice and the good of the world (In fact, Seirune City is in the shape of a giant Star of David: a symbol of white magic in Slayers.). Ruvinagald, however, I’m pretty sure is an anime-exclusive kingdom (At least I’ve never seen it in the list of kingdoms from the original light novels.). And from what we’ve seen, Ruvinagald is relatively small in comparison to Seirune, so perhaps it’s part of the Alliance of Coastal States? Who the eff knows?

Apparently, Amelia didn’t know that Ruvinagald wanted to imprison – or at least press charges on – Lina, while Zelgadiss was chosen by Amelia’s father Prince Philionel to be her escort (And so the Amelia / Zelgadiss ship grows ever stronger.).

Lina Dangerous
Welp… can’t argue with their logic…

Of course, Lina doesn’t take this well… and threatens to crush both the Ruvinagald Kingdom and Seirune.

Lina Declares Vengeance
“Mark my words! I am no hero! I am Lina Inverse, and all who cross me shall be Dragon Slaved into the dirt!”

Inspector Wizer Freion (He’s very particular on the title.) overhears this, and Lina forces him to explain why exactly she’s wanted – aside from the fact that she’s Lina Inverse.

So as it turns out, there are many more magic tanks besides that oddly phallic one from last episode. The tanks are allegedly a new part of Ruvinagald’s defenses, and they’re being destroyed by an unknown attacker. Thing is, they can’t be destroyed by regular spells. Only the Dragon Slave – the strongest spell in all black magic that draws power from the Dark Lord Ruby Eye Shabranigdo himself (Yes, Lina’s trump card gets its power from Satan. Does that really shock you?) – can destroy it, but most sorcerers can’t cast it. So naturally, their first suspect was Lina Inverse, who can pop out Dragon Slaves left and right without breaking a sweat, especially with her spell amplification (Apparently she mastered it before she was toilet trained… yep…).

To prove she’s not guilty, Lina asks Wizer to take them to a nearby Ruvinagald fortress housing another magic tank… this was in the shape of a cow… because potatoes.

Bovine Magic Tank
… alright, who the eff designed this crap?

Unfortunately, the attacker strikes, conveniently knocking out Wizer before he can see it wasn’t Lina. Sigh. But Lina and Gourry go after the little freak while Zelgadiss and Amelia care for the wounded.

And… yep. It’s the little furry guy from last episode. His name’s Pokota, and he’s been destroying the tanks for quite a while now. He hasn’t been actively trying to frame Lina, but he’s certainly not sorry for it given her wild behavior (Can you blame him?). He’s also got a replica of the Sword of Light. To explain, the Sword of Light was essentially a lightsaber passed down in Gourry’s family, but it was lost during the events of the previous season (Slayers TRY.). Really, this is kinda just an excuse to bring the Sword of Light back, but hey, what can you do? It’s nostalgia grab.

Lina v. Pokota
… I somehow knew this anime was coming to this. We needed a cute mascot.

During the fight, Lina and Pokota exchange insults since their magical skills are on par with one another. Unfortunately, things don’t go well once Pokota decides to insult Lina’s “feminine figure” (A.k.a. her breast size.).

Lina absolutely loses it. She starts her spell amplification with the Demon’s Blood Talismans (They grant her power from all four Dark Lords: Ruby Eye, Dark Star, Chaotic Blue, and Death Fog – hence why it should be “Lords of Darkness” and not “Lord of Darkness.” Pet peeve of mine.), and begans casting the Dragon Slave.

Lina Angry
Do not. Ever. Insult Lina’s figure. Ever.

Of course, Pokota survives, and now our group is after him to clear Lina’s name while Wizer chases them. Not much of a story, and the next two episodes are very filler-y, but the story’ll kick in soon, I promise. Not as good as the last episode, but it’s decent and gets the story going… theoretically, at least.

In other news, I’m currently writing an urban fantasy new adult book entitled De Cineribus. I’m still in the first draft phase of it, but if you’re interested, then I’ve got a page set up to give you a rundown of the synopsis as well as a look into the world and the characters, and I’ve posted the first chapter here on my blog. All for you. Aren’t I considerate? Please say yes.

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Til next time, happy nerding!



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