RWBY Volume 5 Premieres October 14

Oh… my… gods.

So RTX is apparently happening, and guess what got confirmed today? Yep. RWBY Volume 5 is premiering this October!

RWBY Volume 5 Promo
Oh… my… GODS.

I found this pic in a tweet by Rooster Teeth themselves. Now, it’ll be the same case as it was for Volume 5: FIRST members will be able to watch the episode once it comes out, and then everyone will get the episode the day after.

I’ve also heard rumors about Weiss getting a new look, specifically a haircut more akin to Winter. We’re also confirmed to be getting three new character shorts for Volume 5, and I’m pretty sure that they showed a brief glimpse of Weiss’ short at the panel. So it’ll likely be hers, Yang’s, and Blake’s showcasing their journey to Haven. I’m kinda hoping they’ll have new songs similar to the original four Color Trailers, but given that Jeff and Casey are probably exhausted from the Volume 4 soundtrack, I’d rather them get their proper rest.

Are you excited for Volume 5? If not, the hell’s wrong with you? I cannot wait for the shorts, but more than that I can’t wait to see the new opening. This is looking to be the strongest Volume we’ve gotten thus far, and I’ve got big hopes.

In other news, I’m currently writing an urban fantasy new adult book entitled De Cineribus. I’m still in the first draft phase of it, but if you’re interested, then I’ve got a page set up to give you a rundown of the synopsis as well as a look into the world and the characters, and I’ve posted the first chapter here on my blog. All for you. Aren’t I considerate? Please say yes.

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Til next time, happy nerding!



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