Tales of Berseria | English Dub First Impressions | Tales of Zestiria the X

So, the most recent episode of the broadcast dub for Tales of Zestiria the X just came out. Normally, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. So why am I talking about it? Queen Velvet, of course!

So far, we’ve only heard the voices of Velvet, Rokuro, and Seres (Yes, I have caved into that spelling of her name. F***ing sue me.), but so far, I am damn impressed.

Velvet is voiced by Cristina Vee. You may know her for her YouTube channel featuring her song covers, or you may know her as Sailor Mars from the new Viz dub of Sailor Moon. Veteran Tales Of fans may remember her as Nova from Tales of Xillia 2 (Hopefully you’re not stilling holding a grudge over that whole debt situation.).

I never would’ve anticipated Cristina to be cast as Velvet, but she’s done pretty great so far, and no doubt once she adjusts to the role, she’ll sound even better. It’s a lot more sultry and low than most of the roles she’s done before, but she did damn well as our new favorite badass.

Rokuro is voiced by Ben Diskin. Moonies may know him as the always-creepy Umino, again from Viz’ dub of Sailor Moon. But most of your nostalgia addicts will definitely recall him as a certain little bald British kid with a pair of sunglasses and an odd Latino last name: Nigel Uno, a.k.a. Numbah One from Codename: Kids Next Door! I know, my fangirl levels just went off the charts, too.

Again, this was a casting choice I totally was not expecting, but Ben’s doing a great job as Rokuro so far, just like Cristina. He can come across as both serious and comical, which is pretty much how I would describe Rokuro.

And Seres is voiced by Monica Rial. She’s the only actress I couldn’t recognize, only to realize it’s because this is the first time I’ve ever heard her. Gotta say, she’s made a very good impression on me. I’m still kinda thrown off by the weird way they pronounce Seres’ name, but I’ll adjust.

However, Monica stated on Twitter she’s only recorded Seres’ dialogue for the anime. Whether that means she’ll be Seres’ voice in the game has yet to be seen. This is something I was worrying about for a while: whether all the voices would carry over to the game.

The most probable case is that the game either hasn’t actually been recorded yet, or it’s still being recorded and the actors can’t confirm it because they’ve signed about a million-and-one N.D.A.s. I’m definitely sure Cristina and Ben will be in the game, though, since they’re such major characters. I hope Monica reprises her role, too, because I really enjoyed her performance. Then again, given all the FUNimation actors we got in Zestiria, I think it’s safe to say they’ll all be back.

Magileaux (I threw in an “a” to make it extra French-sounding. If they go with Magilou in the localization, I will riot.) and Oscar will be debuting next episode, so I can’t wait to hear their voices. I’m not too sure about Oscar’s voice, but for Magileaux, I’m torn between Lisa Ortiz (Lina Inverse from The Slayers) and Cherami Leigh (Sailor Venus from the Viz dub of Sailor Moon). I’m also hoping for the game that Eleanor will be voiced by Stephanie Sheh (Sailor Moon, again in the Viz dub – ain’t this just a Sailor Moon reunion?), but hey, it’s my damn blog, so I can dream.

A few other things to note were the odd translations of the Exorcist classes. They still don’t make much sense. They used “Centurion” for the lower leveled Exorcists, and then reserved “Praetor” for Oscar. However, I’m pretty sure the lower leveled ones are actually Praetors while Oscar is a Legate. That same issue happened back in another subtitled version of this episode I covered way back when. But I mean, does it really matter?

Also, the term “Daemoneater” has now become Therion. Both sound equally badass, and I remember the latter from a more recent subtitled ad where Velvet announced herself as Therion (Pretty sure it’s an equivalent to Lord of Calamity.).

Anyway, this has given us but a taste of what to expect for the Tales of Berseria game dub, and I am uber excited. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go collapse from exhaustion. I totally wasn’t up the entire night scouring the internet for this episode… totally not…

Til next time, happy nerding!


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